How to Make a Latte Just Like Starbucks at Home

The Compound Effect tells its readers to stop paying $4.50+ for coffee every morning.  We all know we need to kick the habit and put our money elsewhere, but it’s so hard and so convenient to order coffee out.  I knew I couldn’t give up having a latte every day, so I did some research.  And it turns out there is a whole section of the Internet devoted to making coffee like Starbucks at home.  Sweet.

And you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a fancy espresso machine.  Magic!

So here’s what you do…

Step 1:  Watch this video from about how to make a latte at home.  So easy.  I do it at least once a day.

Step 2: Buy the Aeropress for $29.95.

Buy the milk frother for $6.99.

Get yourself some Starbucks espresso from the grocery store or Starbucks itself and…BOOM!  You’ve got yourself a latte worth starting your day with.  Oh and you already made one little change that could compound into some big changes–like saving over $1,000 each year on take-out coffee.  Enjoy!

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