When Things Just Don’t Go Your Way in Business

Have you ever reached a point in your business where things just weren’t going your way?  I’m struggling with that right now.  Nothing is happening fast enough and some things just aren’t happening the way I want them to.

I’m at a point in my business lifecycle where I need to think about how the studios are going to continue to grow.  In my Winston-Salem studio, we currently offer 48 classes each week and have been experiencing capacity in all classes of about 75%.  This means that almost all of our classes are full and our most popular times have long wait lists.  Some people might call this a “good problem to have,” however, I’m not so sure.  If new clients want to start taking class with us, they might have a hard time signing up for the class times they want, which would in turn make them unhappy and not choose to become long-term members at Pure Barre.

I thought the best way to move forward would be to open a third location, but I’m running into some obstacles.  What kind of obstacles?  Well, I thought I found the perfect space to lease, however, the convenient parking just steps away is not available for public use anymore.  In addition, the buildout to create the interior of the studio is cost prohibitive.  So … then I found another space that isn’t perfect, but could work.  Now I’m running into some pretty significant problems with that space too.  And this is barely the beginning of the process.  Like not even the beginning—before the beginning.  The preamble, the preface, the prelude.

Should I accept that things just aren’t working out and move on?  Or should I just be patient and keep working towards this goal?  And also important, should this really be this hard?!

Coincidentally, I’m reading a book called Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance written by Angela Duckworth.  Duckworth set out to determine what sets high achievers apart from everyone else.  She asks: “What makes the highly successful so successful?  How do they do it?”  She explains that a special combination of intense passion and perseverance (beyond determination, more like steadfast direction) creates the thing that makes all high achievers special.  In other words, they have grit.

She even includes a test to determine your level of grit.  I’m sure it’s no surprise for anyone that knows me personally, my grittiness score was pretty high.  So why aren’t I just charging ahead on this third location to make it work, like I have with everything else?

Good question.  I’m not sure I have the answer right now, but I think it falls somewhere in the middle of: “I really don’t have to do this” and “There are a lot of other things I’d like to do with that money instead.”

I’ve got some decisions to make.

Unlucky for me, my TV broke this weekend.  But lucky for you, that gives me more time to write until I figure out which model to buy as a replacement.  On Thursday, I’ll give you the in’s and out’s on a very serious topic: what mascara I wear when I teach and take class.  Trust me, you’ll want all the details on that!

Until then, stay on your toes!

Check out Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance 

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