How I Got My Own IT Expert

We all fantasize about actually living the scene in Office Space when they take the printer out into the field and smash it with a baseball bat and give it a couple of hard kicks to crush it into teeny, tiny pieces.  PC Load Letter!  Why does it say paper jam, when there is no paper jam?!  Ahhhh!

I love working for myself and owning my own business, but being my own IT specialist is the worst.  It’s definitely not in my business budget to hire someone to take care of all of our devices and I certainly don’t have time to waste on devices that don’t function properly.  Fortunately, now I have my own Apple Business Expert, Alvin, and things are looking up!

I use just about every Apple product at the studios.  We have iMacs at each location, iPods to play our music, iPhones to reach our clients and I have a Mac Book Pro that pretty much never leaves my side.  Oh, and I just got an Apple watch.  To say that we’re all in supporting the Apple platform at Pure Barre Winston-Salem and Pure Barre Clemmons is an understatement.

How did Alvin come into our Pure Barre lives?  Let me tell you …

About two years ago it was time to upgrade my laptop.  So, I scheduled an appointment at the Apple Store and was excited to head over there and get my new machine.  The last time I purchased something from Apple, it was a great experience, the computer was totally set up and functional when I walked out of the store.  Unfortunately, that did not happen during this shopping experience.  The sales associate helping me got me half-set up and then just kind of left me.  I walked out of the store with a half-set up computer and a simmering rage that I was obviously going to have to come back and get help from someone else—you know, in my next few free hours.  Seriously?!

Then I got a survey asking me how my experience had gone.  Um, not that awesome.

Alvin, an Apple Business Expert, got back to me right away and asked me to set an appointment with him and he would take care of everything for me.  And he did just that.  And it was awesome.

He even helped me with some questions about iMovie and showed me how to use some features on my laptop and phone to make my life simpler.  He took the time to ask questions about how we use all of our computers and phones at the studios, made some notes and provided value about how to get more out of all the apps and features of integration.

Now all of our devices are registered and Alvin keeps track of when we might want to upgrade.  He also keeps me apprised of when new devices are coming out and how they might help with checking in clients or doing our general studio work for client retention.

I just went to get a new phone and he showed me how to save all of my desktop files from my computer onto my phone—if I’m not close to the studio, I could still pull up a file if I needed to reference while on the go.  How great is that?!

So, if you use Apple products in your business, go get yourself an Apple Business Expert and get that greater level of customer service that you need to get more effective and efficient in your business.  If you are in the Winston-Salem/Greensboro area, Alvin can help you out at the Friendly Center.

As entrepreneurs and business owners, we need to give ourselves every advantage.  Hopefully this practical tip helps you be better in business!

Next week, I’ll discuss competition.  In fact, I’ll write a letter to my competition and explain why they are totally missing the mark—you won’t want to miss that read!

Until then, stay on your toes!

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