When You Buy $25 Leggings, I Can See Your Underwear: A Public Service Announcement and a Lesson in Getting What You Pay For

Every business owner faces their own unique challenges.  And as the owner of 2 boutique fitness studios, I’m no different.  But lately, I’ve been confronted with a challenge so unique that I can’t keep quiet about it anymore.  It’s time to shed some light on a subject that really should be kept in the dark—really dark, like pitch black, can’t see anything dark.  Like, why do you think we turn the lights off in that part of class dark?!

Folks, it’s time to let you in on the cold, hard, sometimes drafty truth.  And perhaps it’s something you’d rather not come face-to-face with.  But unfortunately, as the owner of a fitness studio, I’m confronted by this problem (some might call it an epidemic) every day while teaching your class.  Something very serious is happening in gyms, boutique fitness studios, car pool lanes, and the very streets and parks where our children play … millions of women are wearing leggings and due to their poor quality, they are inadvertently exposing themselves to, uh, well … everyone.

She's On Her Toes PSA See Thru Seat

The sad fact is, if you buy cheap $25 leggings, I can see your underwear.  Sorry, but I can.  And I’m not talking about panty lines—don’t get me started on that one.  I mean, whatever you’ve got on, I know all about it.  Just this year alone, I’ve seen polka dots, stripes, and flowers.  I’ve seen teeny tiny thongs, full-coverage briefs, and every cheeky style in between.

And … if you’re not wearing any underwear, well, I’ve seen that too.

To the woman who wore control top panty hose during class, don’t kid yourself, while we pretended not to notice, we knew those weren’t leggings.  And yes, we saw your underwear too.  Frankly, thank goodness you were wearing some!

What can be done to protect the innocent from seeing your see-thru seat?

Remember, that price is a direct reflection of quality.  In the fitness world, quality leggings are made with performance fabrics, which are more expensive, but have you covered—if you know what I mean.  What is a performance fabric?  Fabric that is created or engineered for various types of use where the blending of the fibers creates an added or enhanced benefit.  You know, like increased durability, UV protection, moisture-wicking, protection from mosquitoes and ticks, not to mention wrinkle or fire resistance.  Performance fabrics can even have anti-microbial properties as the result of weaving together fine silver threads with the other fibers to prevent odor and bacteria from growing on your clothes.  For real that happens.  Bacteria grows out of the sweat from your clothes, you can thank the military for that type of added protection and performance!

When you’re looking to make a leggings purchase, take note of the fabric.  Does it seem strong and durable?  Or can you already see that the leggings will be see-thru if you put your hand against the back of the fabric?  If you bend over, sit down, or move around does the fabric give or stretch with your body?  Or does it sag?  Be diligent before completing a new activewear purchase.  Look at all the angles.  It’s all about fabric, fit, and function.  Is the fabric of high quality?  Does the style fit your body properly?  And finally, does the legging support the function or activity you will be wearing it for?

The lifetime of a legging should be measured in years, people—not 2 washes or, gasp—1 wearing!  Which brings up another point—caring for your performance fabrics is crucial to their continued use of keeping your backside covered.  Harsh detergents can break down fabric.  And the dryer is your leggings worst nightmare.  Please line dry.

Customer service matters.  Small studios, like mine, are stocked with high-quality performance leggings designed to move with your body and keep your personal, private areas just that—unseen by public eyes.  We know how each legging fits, because we own them, wear them, and teach in them.  So, if it seems like we’re over-eager to sell you a high-quality pair of our leggings, please remember that we have a stake in preventing the epidemic of see-thru seat from spreading.  Ahem.

In summation, Women of America, just because you’ve turned your back to a problem, doesn’t mean it will go away.  It’s time to stop the madness.  It’s time to remember that you really do get what you pay for.  So, while you saved some money buying those cheap $25 leggings with one click online, you lost a bit of your dignity wearing them.  That is a high price to pay.

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