What are the 3 New Workplace Truths?

Let’s face it.  Business has evolved A LOT since career women wore suits with shoulder pads, carried bulky briefcases, and sported white sneakers with nylons rushing to the office.

The Internet, smart casual, and side hustles have changed the way we do business.  What is smart casual or snappy casual, anyway?  Talk about confusing.  Glad we just wear leggings to the studio.  But I digress …

In what we’re calling the New Workplace, there are some fundamental truths that apply to all businesses big and small.

  1. Consumers shop where there’s community, rather than cash registers
  2. Traditional marketing is DEAD
  3. Those who influence and manage teams will find workplace success

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Today’s conversation will discuss these three things and why businesses that focus on these truths will thrive.

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