How Will My Team Manage Without Me?

When you own a business, it can seem really difficult, if not impossible, to get away and take vacation. The only way you can take that much-needed time off, is to hire a great team to run your business for you.  That’s our message on this podcast.

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If you don’t hire the right people to work for your business, things will never take off, the business will eventually stop growing, you’ll be miserable and burnt out, and you’re going to miss out on living a great life.

Hiring a team of trusted, capable employees is a big deal.  Not because it’s difficult to find good people, but because it’s the difference between being happy and fulfilled in your business and wanting to give it all up and go back to working in corporate America—not that there’s anything wrong with that.

But as entrepreneurs, working for yourself and being your own boss, should be a source of pride and joy, not anger and bitterness.  Your business should be the gateway to incredible life experiences including, really cool trips.

I haven’t taken much vacation over the last 6 years, since I started my business.  In June, I went to Sedona for 1 week, and that marked the longest I had been away.  At the time of this recording, I’m getting ready to travel to Australia for about 3 weeks. Am I worried about things falling apart in my business while I’m gone?  Nope.

I’ve got 2 incredible managers that will take care of everything for me.  Want to learn how?

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