Making Decisions with Numbers Rather than Emotions

When you own or manage a business, it’s easy to get emotionally involved.  I mean, it’s your baby.  And we all know that it’s important to be passionate about running and promoting your business.

But … making decisions based on emotions can really be a business killer.  Financial and marketing decisions should be based on the cold hard facts.  Like actual numbers.  That you track on a continual basis.  Say what?! I have to do math.  Oh yeah.

Today we’ll talk about the importance of tracking your business’ performance.  We’ll share what we track and why.  And how we use that information to make important decisions on where our business will go.

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Tracking KPIs might not be sexy, but it leads to good decision-making.

To make it simple, I’ll share the exact spread sheet that I use for my tracking data in the studios as well as how I’ve set up my Quickbooks expenses to track our spending at-a-glance.  Click here to download and use in your own business.

To track your business performance with confidence, grab my freebie spreadsheet that shows you what Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) I’m looking at each month as well as the expense categories I use in Quickbooks to track my monthly expenses at a glance.  Grab yours here.

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