I’m Carolyn, and between my 2 Pure Barre studios located in the Winston-Salem, NC area, 20 employees, 3 dogs and countless other responsibilities, I’m always on my toes!

While I have an MBA from Wake Forest University, have worked in politics and investment banking, nothing is as challenging as owning and operating my own business.

I am passionate about my businesses and leading my team and She’s On Her Toes is a forum for me to share what it’s really like working on my business–you know the stuff they don’t teach you in business school.  If you’d like to reach out to me, please email at [email protected]

Check out my book on Amazon, She’s On Her Toes, where I give advice on how to run a successful boutique fitness studio by hiring and training a rock star team as well as developing your own personal leadership.


Information on Affiliate Links:  Sometimes I’ll link to the books that I’m reading (hopefully they inspire you in your own endeavors) or the products that I use to help make my life just a little better.  I may make a commission if you click on the link and purchase for yourself.  I only recommend products that I use and love.  Rest assured that if I’ve linked to it–I’m currently using the product, love it and think you might like to check it out for yourself.

I talk about The Compound Effect all the time–it’s an amazing book written by Darren Hardy, that literally changed my life.  It’s all about how making one small change can compound and create an even bigger effect on your life or business.  If you do one thing for your business, buy and read The Compound Effect.  And yes, if you click on those links and purchase, I make a small commission.  I have the exact same book on my shelves at home.  I bought it for all of my employees to read and I’m pretty sure some of my friends don’t want to hang out with me anymore because I talk about how they should read it.  Just kidding!  They’ve all read it too.  Enjoy!