Why I Stay Organized with The Day Designer

I love technology.  Anything that can make my life easier or more efficient and eliminate paper and clutter is tops in my book.  Except…my planner.  I tried to embrace my iCalendar.  All the syncing and the iCloud was great, but I was missing appointments or showing up late—A LOT.  And the constant alerts were kind of annoying.  I also had to carry around a separate notebook of “to dos,” ideas and events.  So, I went back to the planner.  But not just any planner, Whitney English’s The Day Designer.

There are several other brands of planners out there and you should check them out to see if they might work for you.  I have determined that the Erin Condren is a little young for me.  If I was in college, it might be perfect, but I’m a business owner and need to carry around something a little more sophisticated.  The Simplified Planner by Emily Ley was a little closer to what I was looking for, but it is more focused towards new moms or moms with young children, of which I have none.  But check them all out…because it’s most important to find something that works for you and use it to help make your life more organized.

Back to the Day Designer…I love The Day Designer.  You can get a version of it at Target, but if you’re serious about keeping your schedule, goals and “to-dos” organized, you’ll want to spring for the Flagship Edition ($59).  If you amortize that across the year, that’s less than $5.00/month to keep your schedule together—totally worth it, if you’re as busy as I am!

But it’s the layout of the planner that is what I like best about it.  Each day gets its own page starting at 5:00 AM and finishing up at 9:00 PM—perfect for me because sometimes I have to teach an early class.  The appointments are on the left and the “to dos” are on the right, so your whole day is right there on one page.  There is also a spot to prioritize your top three “to dos” which is always helpful when you have lots to accomplish in limited time.

In the spirit of setting goals that you’ll actually work to accomplish and taking risks in 2017, take a look at how you schedule yourself and keep yourself organized.  It’s that one small change that can have a big impact.  Maybe switching to a paper planner, like The Day Designer, will help you out.

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