When Things Just Don’t Go Your Way in Business: UPDATE

I’m a firm believer in the concept that you get what you need when you need it.  After I posted about how things just weren’t going my way with my business expansion plans, I came across a quote, “Fall seven, rise eight.”  This Japanese proverb pretty much sums it up: your success is measured when you rise up against adversity or anything that is keeping you down.  As business owners, we fall down all the time.  But it’s our job to rise up one more time and move on.

Looking back on last week, this was the poetic, nice way of reminding me that I’ll eventually get to where I want to be with my business and opening a 3rd location.  And this was the punch in the face …

A few days later, I was listening to a podcast, Through Hell, with Andy Frisella, MFCEO133, March 21, 2017.  As an aside, this podcast is going into regular rotation.  MFCEO stands for Mother F*cking CEO, and I love it.  Frisella peppers his messages with f-bombs and other choice phrases.  So probably not the best idea to listen to this while you’re dropping your kids off at school, but each episode provides valuable information about working hard and building a business.  And Frisella should know how to do it because over 17 years, he created and built a $150M/year supplement company called, 1st Phorm.  And he has English Bulldogs.  Enough said.

During this hour-long podcast, Frisella talks about the struggles of being an entrepreneur and business owner and how it’s never-ending.  The problems never stop.  You might always be a little angry about how things are going with your business.  You might have massive self-doubt and second-guess your decisions or leadership.  And that’s ok.  All business owners experience these things on a daily or even hourly basis.  The point is, you have to have faith.  And then repeat.  And repeat again.  The podcast concludes with this: If you feel frustrated, it means you’re on the right track and attempting something great.  It means that you’re building something.  F*ck yeah!

While I may have fallen down momentarily, I’m back on my toes.

If I had to pick my least favorite thing about working for myself, it’s that I have to be my own IT specialist.  But things just got easier since I got my own Apple Business Consultant.  Think no lines, smart help, and devices that are fully setup when you leave the store.  And I’ll explain how you can get one to help your business in my next post.

Until then, stay on your toes!

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