My Favorite Skincare & Makeup Products from Trish McEvoy

I’ve received several inquiries over the last few weeks about what makeup and skincare products I use.  To give you a little background, I got shingles on my face about 3 years ago and my skin totally changed.  All the products I use are either gentle or from Trish McEvoy.  I absolutely love Trish McEvoy products because they are all developed in conjunction with her husband, Dr. Ronald Sherman, and his dermatology practice.  Here’s my skincare routine:

Skincare Essentials:

Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser:  This cleanser is really gentle and easily cleanses makeup away.  I especially like that it doesn’t dry my skin out in the winter.

Trish McEvoy ‘Even Skin’ Beta Hydroxy Pads ($65.50):  After washing my face, I use Trish McEvoy Beta Pads to exfoliate, which preps your skin to better absorb any additional treatment or products.  I use these once a day.  When I first started using Beta Pads, I saw smoother and clearer skin after using the whole jar consistently.

Beta Pads

Trish McEvoy ‘Beauty Booster’ Cream SPF 30 ($90.50):  Next, I apply Beauty Booster moisturizer cream with sunscreen.  I have really fair skin and I can get burned easily.  I apply at least twice a day—the formula isn’t greasy, so it’s great to wear under makeup.

Beauty Booster Cream

Trish McEvoy ‘Correct and Brighten’ Professional Strength Multi-Acid Weekly Peel ($125.50):  These are a huge splurge, so I don’t buy them all the time, but if I have a big event coming up where I’ll be in front of a lot of people, I always use one of these a few days before for deeper exfoliating.  I only use at night, which is what is suggested so the product stays on your skin longer.  If you use the Weekly Peel (which doesn’t actually peel your skin) you won’t want to use Beta Pads, because that’s too much exfoliating.  Every time I use one, a few days later, someone compliments how great my skin looks.  This product is pricey, but it works!

Weekly Peel

Makeup Essentials:

Trish McEvoy Instant Eye Lift ($39.00):  Ok.  This stuff is amazing.  If you have dark circles, fine lines, or puffiness this product makes the skin around your eyes look lifted and lighter.  A must-have item!

Instant Eye Lift

Trish McEvoy ‘Beauty Booster’ Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20 ($76.00):  If you have fair skin like I do, it’s a good idea to layer your sunscreens and this tinted moisturizer is a great compliment to boost the protection of the Beauty Booster cream.  Simply put some on your hand and apply with a makeup brush for coverage that is natural.

Tinted Moisturizer

Trish McEvoy ‘Lash Curling’ Mascara ($31.50):  I’ve been wearing Lash Curling Mascara for about 7 years and it’s nothing short of spectacular.  The wand creates a tube around your lash that stays put until you remove it with warm water.  No need for any special eye makeup remover and no stains or mess on your wash cloth.  No matter how hard class is or how sweaty I get, I’ve never had my mascara run or flake off.  Enjoy!

Lash Curling Mascara

But Trish McEvoy, isn’t just about great products–if that’s not enough–she embraces organization and keeping your makeup clean and easy-to-find.  If you’ve ever been accused of taking over the bathroom counter or find it hard to keep your makeup organized, look no further than the Trish McEvoy Makeup Planner ($75.00).  

Trish McEvoy PlannerOne of the great things about ordering makeup online from Nordstrom is that you can usually get some free gifts and free samples.  Right now, if you spend $100 on Trish McEvoy products, you can get deluxe samples of bronzer (I’ve used this and it’s very natural—I had to have the expert at the makeup counter show me the best way to highlight my cheek bones) and Beauty Booster Lip Gloss (Also have 2 of these lip glosses going at the moment).  Check these gifts out here.

There are some things you can save on, but good skincare products and makeup shouldn’t be one of them.  It’s been my experience that the better the product, the better the result.  Since I am in front of hundreds of clients each day at my studios, I always want my skin to look fresh and clear.  If you try anything, I can’t wait to hear how you like it!

Until then, stay on your toes!

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