I Finished Writing My Book, Now What?

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I have been working on writing a book.  Many of you might have been a little skeptical of this announcement, but I actually wrote a book.  I mean, it’s done.  When I print it out, it needs to be binder-clipped.  It’s a real book.

What is this book about?  It’s about how to own and operate a successful fitness studio, but all of the concepts I discuss could easily be applied to running any business.  I identified 5 problems that most boutique studio owners face and provided practical solutions on how to address solving those problems.  I also defined what a fitness business is and offered my advice on how to become a better leader.  Everything discussed in the book is a strategy or method that I’ve used when running my studios and working with my Team.  My hope is that sharing the information will help others have more success in their businesses as well.

I know what you’re thinking, how did I find the time to write a book?  A lot of it was taken from this blog and then expanded upon, which was great and a big time-saver.  But basically, I woke up really early to write.  I wrote at night after I got home from the studios.  And I wrote at least one day, all-day on the weekends.

So now what?

Next up is some editing and proofreading and then … publishing.

I’ve learned a lot about publishing in the last few weeks.  It’s a pretty big decision, but here are my choices:

Get a publisher

This is what traditionally happened when someone wanted to write and publish a book.  First the author writes the book.  Then they find a literary agent or maybe they’re lucky enough to know someone in publishing.  They send their manuscript out and cross their fingers that someone is interested and it gets published.

Unfortunately, it’s really difficult to actually get a book publishing deal with a royalty.  I have been advised that with the readership of this blog, I would have a good chance of getting a book deal with a publisher, but I’ve decided against this for one simple reason: If I go through the traditional publishing channel, I won’t maintain the rights to my work.

In addition, I will give up any rights to market the book and traditional publishers don’t typically do any marketing.  Seems kind of crazy to go to all the trouble to write the book, then not own it in the end, and not be able to do any marketing.


Fortunately, there is another alternative, self-publishing.  There are two ways I can go about self-publishing.  I could literally do everything myself and have a finished book.  Or I could hire a company to help me create a more professional product in a shorter amount of time.  I can save money doing everything myself and it doesn’t seem too complicated.  There are lots of websites out there to guide me through the process including www.createspace.com.  There’s even this handy book that explains the process, Create it with CreateSpace: A guide to self publishing your book with Amazon’s free publishing service.

I have made the decision, however, to hire a company so I can make sure my book looks professional—including a professional-looking cover and photos.  I’m currently deciding between two different companies, so I’ll be sure to update you on that after I make my decision.

Once I finish editing and proofreading, the publishing process should be complete in about two months.  Pretty exciting!

Since I’ll be gaining all those hours spent writing the book, I’ll be increasing my blog posts to three times a week, starting next week.  I hope you’ll look forward to that!  If you have liked reading the blog, please share it with your friends and family and check out @shesonhertoes on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

I needed to do a re-fresh on my sneakers, so I’ll share with you my new kicks in my next post.

Until then, stay on your toes!

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