Do You Need a Sneaker Refresh? I Did. My Top Picks

One of the best things about working for yourself is wearing whatever shoes you want.  I’m serious.

If I want to wear heels, I wear heels.  If I want to wear flip flops, I wear flip flops.  And a slip-on sneaker is perfect for the studio, because they’re easy to slide on and off.  But unfortunately, some of my sneakers were a little on the “worn” side.  So, I had to do a refresh.  Here’s what I decided on:

Bernie Mev Verona Slip on Sneaker ($59.95):  I love these!  They are comfy, look cute and come in a bunch of different colors—so many in fact, that the exact color I bought isn’t available anymore.  But the “marble fabric” is the most similar.  Humm … I might have to get that one too.

Berine Mev Verona Slip On Sneaker

Steve Madden Ecentrcq Sneaker ($59.95):  Another winner.  These are great, but they did take a few wears to break in.  I got black, but the rose gold is super cute.

Steve Madden Sneaker

Ed Ellen Degeneres Chapanima Sneaker ($97.95):  Are you serious, a classic sneaker with a bulldog on it?!  It looks just like my puppy, Harper.  Sold!

Ed Ellen Degeneres Chapanima Sneaker



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