Allergic to Bananas and Avocados? Here’s Your Smoothie Hack—and It’s Delicious!

I have a few friends that are really into smoothies.  Like they would invite you to grab a smoothie over coffee.  I know, crazy!

And, unfortunately for me, I have a banana and avocado allergy, which pretty much makes smoothie consumption impossible.  There just aren’t that many choices that don’t contain one or both of these elusive fruits.  The two are actually linked allergy-wise.  Both contain similar proteins. Apparently, it’s pretty common to have a banana and/or avocado allergy, but I’ve yet to meet another person on this planet that shares my struggle.

Anyways, in my attempt to eat more healthy, fresh foods, I decided to be more consistent with eating breakfast.  I’m not usually hungry when I wake up and by the time I am hungry later in the morning, it’s almost lunch, so I wait to eat then.  Not the best way to start the day!

With all the great smoothie recipes in my Simply Real Health Cookbook, I wanted to give breakfast its due—plus running out the door with a smoothie I could consume as I went about the morning seemed like a good breakfast comprise.  So, how to substitute banana and avocado?  Well, I realized if the recipe called for ½ cup banana and ½ cup avocado, I could soak the same amount of cashews (1 cup) in water overnight and blend with all the other ingredients for the same consistency and taste.  And the best part is, I’m not substituting something processed or full of sugar.  Victory!

Check out how to make a Perfect Smoothie on the Simply Real Health Website:

Or get the Simply Real Health Cookbook ($39.95) with lots of tasty smoothie recipes here.  Sarah Adler recommends changing your smoothie at least seasonally so you can use the freshest ingredients and not get bored with your healthy morning routine.  Good advice.

Need a blender?  I use the Cuisinart Smartpower Duet Blender/Food Processor ($65.66).  I also love using a blender to make salad dressing.

So there you go, enjoy your smoothie even if you can’t eat bananas or avocados!  You will no longer be left behind at breakfast.

5 thoughts on “Allergic to Bananas and Avocados? Here’s Your Smoothie Hack—and It’s Delicious!

    • shesonhertoes says:

      Glad you found this helpful! I can totally relate, I didn’t become allergic to bananas and avocados until college. Sometimes I really want guac, but … my allergy seems to be worse and I had to take myself to the ER after accidentally eating some mayo that had been made with avocado oil. Let me know how you like these smoothie recipes. I recently posted some others that I’ve been enjoying.

  1. Tad says:

    I glad I found this I am like you I am allergic to both and have a latex allergy. So I was wondering what could be used instead for the health fat deal

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