Wanna See My Book Cover?

At the beginning of May, I wrote about how I had finished writing my book and I was in the process of selecting a company to help me self-publish.  Well, I made a decision and have been working through the publishing process for the last few weeks.  Pretty exciting!

I ultimately decided to use Createspace to help me publish and so far, the process has been pretty easy and painless.  Createspace is an Amazon service and while they do offer services to simply publish yourself for a minimal fee, they also offer some more customized selections that are still reasonably priced to create a top-notch professional-looking book.  The first step is to set up a phone consultation to determine the best choices for your particular needs and then it’s all very easy.  Next, I created an account, and completed some questionnaires based on the custom choices I selected including custom cover creation, custom interior layout, and marketing which includes writing the text for the back cover and all the marketing used on the Amazon site when the book is available for sale.  After completing the surveys, the Createspace team assigned to my book got to work.

I’ve approved the cover and marketing, so the only thing left to review is the interior layout and proof of the book!  Check out the cover below.

She's On Her Toes Cover JPEG

What do you think?!  I absolutely love it!  I didn’t really have any concrete ideas about how the cover should look, so I just asked the designer to check out my website and keep the same branding.  The designer said she had some ideas and I couldn’t be more happy with the way the cover turned out.  I did have a few edits on the marketing, but nothing major.  We’re still on track for the book to be available for purchase sometime in August.  Can’t wait!

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Tomorrow, I’ll share a new tool I’ve been using to think up big ideas.  Because, what’s the point of thinking small?

Until then, stay on your toes!

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