O Hair Tie, Where Art Thou?

Hair ties.  You always need one, but somehow they’re always going missing.  I’ve always got one on my wrist, a few in my bag, maybe a few more in the car, and some are likely hiding in coat pockets waiting to be discovered unexpectedly at a future date.  But no matter how many you have, you always have a favorite.  Am I right?!

There are countless hair tie choices, and I’ve pretty much tried them all in search of the best hold for a high bun or the best fullness for a sleek pony.  Below is a list of my faves:

Emi Jay Flexx Ties:  These are my go-to.  Have you ever had a hair tie get so stretchy that it just doesn’t work anymore?  Problem solved with Flexx Ties!  They are made of Neoprene and also create a super-full pony, which is great for those with finer hair, like mine.  If you’re looking for a hair tie to double as a bracelet, Flexx Ties won’t check the box, but as far as utility, they are tops.

She's On Her Toes Flex Hair Tie

Emi Jay Twist Coil Ties:  I like these for when I’m wearing a high bun since they “grip” your hair and hold it high without creating snags or breakage.  If you have thick hair, these work.  If you have fine hair, they work too—an all-around favorite.  Again, not sure these are bracelet material, but I’ve mixed with in with other jewelry before.

She's On Her Toes Coil Hair Ties

Knotty Ties:  I can’t help it, I like a little sparkle from time-to-time, so I love Knotty Ties because they make the BEST embellished hair ties.  I am really into the Pearl Pony ($15.00) right now.  And I have like 20 of the Crown Jewel Pony ($17.00).  These look great as bracelets with your other jewelry and hold a bun or a pony really well.

She's On Her Toes Knotty Ties

We sell all of these styles (except the Crown Jewel Pony—we sold out) at Pure Barre Winston-Salem and Pure Barre Clemmons.  You know, just providing a public service, keeping the women of Winston-Salem stocked up on the best quality hair ties.

Until then, stay on your toes!



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