What I’m Packing for Vancouver

I’m headed to Vancouver, Canada in a few weeks and for some reason it seems appropriate to start thinking about what to pack.  Typically, I’d wake up the morning of my flight and put everything in my suitcase, but I’m attending a conference with my business coach, and it’s definitely important to be prepared.  We’re going to the ActionCOACH Global Conference—I was invited to attend because I won an award at the North American Conference back in February (read about it here).  So, this time around I’m going to be ready!

For starters, they keep the conference rooms f—king freezing.  Layers are a must—and that was an area I struggled with at the last conference.  This time I’m going to be prepared!  I’m packing a few scarves, t-shirts, and cardigans.  Did you know the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is going on?  Check out some great layering pieces that I’ll be packing:

Treasure & Bond, Plaid Blanket Wrap ($29.90, regularly $45.00)

I love a scarf!  I just can’t help it.  Summer, Winter, Spring, Fall—you can always wear a scarf.  And whoever came up with the idea of a blanket scarf or wrap was really onto something, because it opens up the possibilities for use.  I can use this as a blanket or pillow on the plane.  I can wrap it a zillion ways to stay warm in the conference room.  And I can definitely wear it when I get back all Fall and Winter.  Sold.

Treasure & Bond Blanket Wrap


Halogen Lightweight Tie Sleeve Cardigan ($69.00)

If I have a great scarf and some t-shirts, my next layer should be a cardigan or light sweater.  Easy to layer up or take off if it’s too hot.  Alas, this cardigan isn’t on sale, but the price is great and something tells me it won’t be in stock for long.  How cute are the sleeves?!  I’m loving black (of course) and the Purple Plum color.

Tie Sleeve Cardigan


Gibson Convertible Neckline Cozy Fleece Tunic ($54.00)

I promise I have some sale recommendations!  But I’m loving that this sweater can be worn 2 different ways.  I could wear it as a cowl neck tunic sweater for the conference and then wear it off-shoulder to go out at night.


Hinge Tie Back Cardigan ($41.41, regularly $69.00)

Ok, this is on sale and super cute.  I’m loving the tie in the back!  After the conference, I’m definitely wearing this out to meet friends for coffee and drinks.  How cute would it be with the blanket scarf?

Hinge Tie Back Cardigan


But no travel outfit is complete without a great pair of pants.  Of course, I’m wearing leggings just about 24-hours a day, but occasionally I switch it up and wear … jeans.  I know that some people disagree about jeans in a professional setting but I’m pretty sure they’re still stuck in a corporate job working behind a desk and miserable—so I’ll keep wearing jeans.  I think as a small business owner of 5 years, I’ve earned the right.  And … lucky day!  The jeans I wear from Paige are currently on sale 33%.  They’re never on sale, so this is a great time to get an extra pair or try a new wash.

Paige Transcend – Verdugo Ankle Skinny Jeans ($131.34, regularly $199.00)

Paige Jeans


Finally, when attending any conference, you’ve got to have the right supplies.  Pens, pencils, notebooks—my Day Designer, of course.  I like to get a new notebook for each conference, that way I can file it and return back to the ideas later.  If I try and take conference notes in my daily notebook, they somehow get lost or thrown out.

When I first worked in investment banking, I was super conscious of my supplies being too girly.  But, then I got over it.  Get something fun that will keep you engaged!  I’m not sure I can do glitter notebooks, but this pink notebook with the rose is really pretty (it will also be easy to find if my desk gets cluttered, oops) and I’m loving this classic marble journal from Target.

Ban.do Whatcha thinkin’ bout? Journal ($8.40, regularly $14.00)

Nordstrom Journal

Target, Marble Journal ($6.99)

 I think that’s a good start to my packing!  But maybe I need a few more scarves …

Thank you to everyone who has bought my book, She’s On Her Toes!  I’ve received some great messages from you and really appreciate you reaching out.  It makes me so happy you’ve enjoyed the book and its message.  If you haven’t purchased, check it out here.

Until then, stay on your toes!

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