Why It’s Important to Celebrate Your Wins

Oh my!  It’s been a wild few weeks for me—literally everything happened in September.  And I mean EVERYTHING.  To recap …


  • I attended the annual Pure Barre Conference where I was asked to speak about my best practices for hiring and leading a rock star team, to 500+ owners. Just a little nerve wracking!  That’s a lot of ladies.



  • When I got back from Conference, I bought a house. Oh yeah, and moved.  The moving part wasn’t so bad because I decided to get rid of almost all of my furniture.  This seemed like a good idea at the time, but now that there’s no place to sit, might have been a little rash.



  • Just a few short days after moving, we celebrated some big milestones at my Pure Barre studios—Pure Barre Winston-Salem reached its 5-year Anniversary and Pure Barre Clemmons reached its 3-year Anniversary. And I had my first book signing.  So of course, we had to throw a big party to celebrate!

She's On Her Toes 5 Year Celebration

The three of us have been together since Day 1–cannot believe it’s been 5 years!

  • And the day after the party, I had an allergic reaction to something I ate and basically had to save my own life. Good times.  Sorry … no pictures of my face turning purple.


After this swirl of activity, I’m pretty content to get back to basics, like heading out to the grocery store and buying more than one meal at a time, walking the dogs, writing more regularly, and spending time with friends—hopefully at my new house with a place for them to sit.

But as much as I just want to get back to “real life” where a major event isn’t happening by the minute, it’s important to take the time to celebrate my and my team’s business wins, both big and small.

When you own a small business, every sale is important.  It all adds up.  And my team is doing some really incredible things right now—they’re achieving the same level of sales that we had last year with one exception, I was the one driving most of those sales.  This means, that they’re working together and will surpass the standard that I set by the end of the year.  Pretty cool.  I’ll drink to that!

We’re just about to head into the final quarter of 2017 and all year we’ve been gaining inches.  A little progress has been made each month towards our sales goals and towards my goal of giving my team more responsibility to run the studios without me there every day.  It hasn’t seemed like that much has been happening.  And I’m notoriously impatient.  But I can see that we’ve been doing some really great things and they’re adding up.

Our focus going forward into Q4 and 2018 will be to create a stronger health and fitness community amongst our clients.  Next week, I’ll explain how I’m developing more robust customer service training for my team so we can keep growing our client base and daily sales.  I’ve also been reading some amazing books and I can’t wait to fill you in so you can be inspired for a strong finish to 2017!

Until then, stay on your toes!

Why Do You Have to Hire Employees, Anyway?

Later this week, I’ll be attending our annual Pure Barre Conference where I’ll be giving a speech titled, “How to Hire a Rockstar Team: Learn the Key Steps to Create a Hiring Process” … and I only have 5 minutes to talk.  I could literally go on for hours about this topic, so taking it down to 5 minutes is pretty tricky.

But why do you have to hire employees anyway?  Wouldn’t life and business be so much easier without having to hire anyone to run your business?  In short: No.  Let me explain why …

In some businesses, it’s possible to do everything yourself and avoid hiring a team to take care of things for you.  But the nature of a fitness business isn’t like that.  So what is the definition of a fitness business anyway?

In my book, She’s on Her Toes: How I Started A Business, Expanded It, Almost Lost It, And Got Back On My Toes, I explain the following definition:

Definition of a Fitness Business

A fitness business is a commercial, profitable enterprise that can be run without you so you can be a role model in the health and fitness community you are creating.  This means you are free to work ON your business, rather than IN your business.

 So, do you get what this means?  In order for your business to continue growing and for you to be the leader of your studios’ fitness community, you HAVE to hire a great team to help make it happen.  There is absolutely no way that you can operate a fitness business, teach all the classes yourself, keep up with your clients, manage all of your finances, market and do all the other daily activities required to keep your studio open without hiring employees.  It makes me tired just thinking about doing all that work.

Let’s take a look at what this looks like using some pictures …

Business Lifecycle 1

At the beginning of your business, you might have a few employees, but for the most part, you are doing all the work.

  • You are taking care of most customer or client needs.
  • The clients are spending money and supporting your business.
  • Finally, the business is supporting you with a paycheck or owner draw.

Does your business lifecycle looks like this right now?

By hiring a rock star team, you are going to change your business lifecycle to look like this:

Business Lifecycle 2

Instead of you taking care of your client needs, your employees will provide service to your clients and you will then support your team.

  • So, you support your team.
  • Your team supports your clients.
  • The clients support the business.
  • And finally, the business supports you … and the cycle continues.

Does that make sense?  You are going to evolve into a true manager and leader of the fitness community and your employees will run the day-to-day operations of your business.  Not gonna lie, it’s amazing.

Ok, so we get the picture that hiring employees is critical to running a successful studio—or any business really.  How the heck do you do that?

You’ll have to listen to the speech!

Or check out my book, She’s On Her Toes.

Until then, stay on your toes!

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