How I Put My Past Hiring Mistakes Behind Me

“It’s time to put your past hiring mistakes behind you and only move forward …“  At least that’s what I told myself when it became clear that my business was on the verge of bankruptcy.  I had made a huge mistake and hired someone who proved they could not be trusted.

Two years ago, my business was a mess.  It seemed like a revolving door of employment.  People came in, worked a few months or maybe a year, and then they left, leaving me constantly looking for replacements.  And worse, I was in a never-ending state of training.  It was exhausting, un-fun, and I didn’t want to do it anymore.

I could no longer remember why I wanted to open my business in the first place.  The romantic fantasies of being my own boss, setting my own schedule, and living a more balanced life had long been forgotten—sucked out that revolving door!

Are you nodding your head reading this?  Does it seem like I’ve been describing exactly what it’s like in your business?

If you’ve been burned in the past, hiring someone who quit unexpectedly or did worse damage to your business, it’s time to put those past hiring mistakes behind you.

If you’ve been stuck in the mindset that you have to do everything in your business otherwise nothing will get done, it’s time to close the revolving door—for good.

How … By only hiring the right employees for your business.

But what does that mean, exactly?  It means, you must create a hiring process that you will use every time you need to hire someone to fill a role in your business.  Once I created a hiring process that was specific and unique to my values and business vision, I was able to determine who was a good fit and who wasn’t.

When you create a hiring process, it will give you confidence when adding to your team.  For me, it was a total game changer and allowed my business to increase revenues, profits, and what might be the most important thing for me—I didn’t have to work 80+ hours a week.  Cue the angels singing from heaven!

How to Hire a Rock Star Team

After I wrote my book, She’s On Her Toes: How I Started A Business, Expanded It, Almost Lost It, And Got Back On My Toes, I got a lot of feedback that the book was great but … you needed more help creating a hiring process.

The most common comment was, “Where do I start?”

Next was, “It all seems overwhelming … and I’m not sure where to start.”

Ok, ok.  I get it!  When you don’t know where to start, things do seem overwhelming and … then you don’t know where to start.  And you’re just stuck.

I don’t want anyone to be stuck.  Because frankly, it sucks.  Being stuck is a waste of your time.  You always want to be moving your business forward.

That’s what my new course, How to Hire a Rock Star Team is all about!

Click here to check it out:  How to Hire a Rock Star Team

The course is a comprehensive, step-by-step plan to create your own hiring process.  There are 15 lessons complete with videos, audio lessons, and worksheets.  This is the exact same process that I went through to create my own hiring process, so I know it works.

In this course, you’ll learn how to create an environment that attracts only the RIGHT employees to work in your business.  You’ll also create a complete hiring process including how to:

  • Write an exciting job description
  • Post a killer advertisement
  • Conduct the perfect interview
  • Ask the right interview questions

I talk non-stop about how hiring the best team is literally THE MOST IMPORTANT THING you can do for your business.  It is!  But if you’re still not convinced and think that … oh maybe marketing is more important, I challenge you to ponder this scenario …

Right now (January, February, March) is the busiest time of the year for any fitness studio owner.  This is it!  Now is the time when we have to work to get as many people into our studios because they are most motivated to workout and commit to their health and fitness.

But here’s the thing … you could have the most amazing promotion to bring new clients through your doors.  But … if you don’t have a great team to greet them, offer them an amazing experience, sell them the right services and products, treat them like family, and welcome them into your fitness community, those clients won’t stick around.  And all your marketing efforts were wasted.

In fitness (and most membership-based businesses), you can’t promote yourself to a successful business.  It’s all about the experience!  Who offers the best experience?  The best employees!  That’s right, people provide the best experience.  Not promotions!

And how are you, the over-worked and over-whelmed small business owner supposed to do it all?!  You can’t.  This is why it’s so important to hire the right team to help you out.

While this course is designed for fitness studio owners, the same principles apply to any small business owner and even some large business owners.

I will be on InstaLive later today, at 12:00 PM EST, to talk more about the course.  And on Facebook Live on Wednesday, 9:00 PM EST.  Specifically, I’ll talk about how to get the most out of the course and about the 2 add-ons for purchase.  The add-ons are really great!

If you have any questions, please DM me @shesonhertoes  or email [email protected] and I’ll answer them live.

Click here to purchase:  How to Hire a Rock Star Team



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