She’s On Her Toes Is Now A Podcast!

Drumroll please!  She’s On Her Toes is now a podcast!  That’s right … you can now listen to the blog while you’re on the go.

Why a podcast?  Since this blog is all about how I’m running my business with the help of my amazing team, it just seemed a little flat to only share these experiences from my perspective.  In the podcast, I’ll be joined by my managers, Emily and Christina, and we’ll be discussing how we work together to keep Pure Barre Winston-Salem and Pure Barre Clemmons going each and every day.  I also got a lot of feedback that as busy business owners, it can be difficult to fit in regular reading time.  So, it just seemed like having a podcast would be a better format for the She’s On Her Toes community.

In our first episode, Do We Take Enough Risks?  Are We Turning Our Backs on Bravery?, we discuss whether taking risks gets a bad rap.  Risk … it’s kind of a dirty word. Risk is bad. When we look up the definition of risk, we find “a situation involving exposure to danger.” But is taking a risk really that dangerous? As business owners, we take risks every day. It was a risk to dream of working for ourselves. It was a risk to quit our corporate jobs. It was a risk to open our businesses. Expanding is risky. Hiring employees is risky. Offering a new promotion is risky. In business, life, fitness, just about everything is a risk!

In our inaugural episode of She’s On Her Toes podcast, we’re going to talk about risk, whether women actively seek to avoid taking risks, and how that might have a negative impact on reaching our goals in business and in fitness.

She's On Her Toes Podcast

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Where can you listen?  You can find She’s On Her Toes on iTunes and Apple Podcasts … we should be up on Google Play and Spotify soon.

Listen to She’s On Her Toes Podcast on iTunes and Apple Podcasts

I can’t wait to have you listen and let us know what you think!  Please subscribe to the podcast.  We’ll have a new episode available every Tuesday morning at 5:00 AM.  And please take the time to go back and give us a review—it’s really important to help other people find the podcast.  Thanks y’all!








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