Podcast: Episode 2, How Do We Get It All Done In Business and In Life?

It takes quite a few skills to run these 2 fitness studios—overall management, organization, systems, teaching, marketing, sales … the list goes on.  Since there are only 24 hours in the day and frankly, we’re not aspiring to work all 24 of them, we’ve each developed some great hacks to fit what’s most important into our busy days.

For those of you who’ve always wondered, “How do we get it all done?” you’ll want listen to this week’s podcast where we reveal our top time management tips, tricks, and hacks.  Time management is super unsexy, but it’s important and separates those finding success from the rest of the group.

And we’ve got a great freebie download for you—don’t worry about trying to remember all these hacks and writing them down.  We’ve compiled the complete list that you can download for free by clicking here.

Click here for the free show notes to Episode 2!

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