Podcast: Episode 3, How to Achieve Work/Health Balance

We continue our conversation revealing our tips, tricks, and hacks to get the most out of your time each day.  Time management isn’t a sexy topic, but managing your time effectively can make the difference between living an amazing life and running yourself ragged. In Episode 3 of the podcast, we talk about how we each achieve work/health balance.

She's On Her Toes Podcast Work:Health Balance

Emily, Christina and I talk about how to achieve work/health balance including our favorite ways to eat healthy and save time preparing food.  We’ll also discuss some more controversial time-savers including not getting coffee from Starbucks and not watching TV.  The horror!  But the overall message of this podcast is … spend your time away from work with intent.

One of the unique things about working in the business of fitness, is that you are literally working yourself to exhaustion every day.  So, it’s really important to refuel and refresh in our time away from the studio … and these things can be really time consuming.

But …

We put a lot of time and effort towards our careers and advancement in our jobs.  What if we put the same amount of effort into our health and personal time with friends and family?!   #breakthroughmoment

And to help you use the information shared immediately, we’ve got a great freebie download for you—don’t worry about trying to remember all these hacks and writing them down.  We’ve compiled the complete list that you can download for free by clicking here.

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