Life Hacks Are Lame. Just Live Smart.

I’m sorry, but when I hear the term “life hack” it makes me want to hit my head against the wall.  Has life become so difficult that we need to “hack” it to make it through the day?

Whatever happened to making smart choices or educated decisions as we navigate our lives?  When did we start ignoring wisdom and think that we can “hack” our way through problem-solving like we’re computers or robots?

But the thing that really bugs me about these so-called “life hacks” is that they offer a false sense of security.  Use this hack and … you’ve got it.  No worries. You’ve hacked it!

Sorry, that’s not how life or business work.  There isn’t a prescribed way to go about anything.  Every problem requires a unique solution.  And making mistakes often leads to big success.

Today we’ll be talking about how life hacks will rob both you and your business of actually making good decisions.

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