52 Page Workbook

Take It One Step Further With the 52-Page Workbook

How to Hire a Rock Star Team

After writing the book, She’s On Her Toes, I got a lot of requests to share my hiring process step-by-step in even more detail than what is in the book. And … 52 pages later … the workbook was complete! I would recommend reading the book first—it’s a quick, fun read. And then getting started on the workbook. After a few weeks, you’ll create a hiring process that’s designed to find the RIGHT employees for your business.

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Get the 52 Page Workbook

Thank you for downloading She’s On Her Toes! When you read the book, you’ll learn how I was able to turn my business around by focusing on hiring only the RIGHT employees for my fitness studios. You’ll also hear some pretty crazy stories about how making the wrong hiring decisions almost cost me my business. Scary!

While the book does provide step-by-step strategies and real-world case studies, the workbook takes it one step further and actually shows you HOW to create a hiring process from beginning to end. Using the workbook will give you the exact process I used to go from contemplating bankruptcy to hiring a rock star team and leading them to success. I even provide a goal-setting calendar so you can get started right away—in a few weeks, you’ll have everything you need including a killer ad and interview questions that work to select only the BEST candidates.



What’s Inside

– How to Build a Solid Vision, Mission & Culture

– How to Write an enticing Job Description

– How to Post a Killer Advertisement

– How to Conduct the Perfect Interview

– How to Ask the Right Questions

Construct your Interview Process for Maximum Efficiency

– Tips for Leading and Managing your Team can eventually say “we don’t NEED you.”