My Favorites

What I’m reading now:

The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results, Gary Keller

This book is all about finding your “one thing” and creating priorities to make it easier for you to achieve your “one thing.”  Keller argues that focusing on just “one thing” will help you live an extraordinary life and reach success.  There are also some great tips on time blocking, setting your goals centered around your “one thing” and developing lasting habits.  A She’s on Her Toes must-read!

How I stay organized and prioritize my day:

The Day Designer

It’s the layout of the planner that is what I like best about The Day Designer.  Each day gets its own page starting at 5:00 AM and finishing up at 9:00 PM—perfect for me because sometimes I have to teach an early class.  The appointments are on the left and the “to dos” are on the right, so your whole day is right there on one page.  There is also a spot to prioritize your top three “to dos” which is always helpful when you have lots to accomplish in limited time.

What makeup and cosmetics I use every day:

Trish McEvoy

To give you a little background, I got shingles on my face about 3 years ago and my skin totally changed.  All the products I use are either gentle or from Trish McEvoy.  I absolutely love Trish McEvoy products because they are all developed in conjunction with her husband, Dr. Ronald Sherman, and his dermatology practice.  Check out my skincare routine here.

Trish McEvoy ‘Lash Curling’ Mascara ($31.50)I’ve been wearing Lash Curling Mascara for about 7 years and it’s nothing short of spectacular.  The wand creates a tube around your lash that stays put until you remove it with warm water.  No need for any special eye makeup remover and no stains or mess on your wash cloth.  No matter how hard class is or how sweaty I get, I’ve never had my mascara run or flake off.  Enjoy!

Primally Pure Natural Deodorant ($14.00-$20.00): If you’re like me, the thought of trying a natural deodorant was down right frightening.  I mean, how in the world could a natural deodorant work for a fitness studio owner?!  But … since drug store-bought deodorant is full of harmful ingredients including aluminum and chemical-rich fragrances, I really wanted to find one that works.  I was skeptical that only 1-2 swipes was all I needed based on the website recommendation, but … hot damn!  It really only takes 1-2 swipes.  I love the Tea Tree fragrance and put it to the ultimate test during my 20+ hours of travel to Australia.  I was totally covered with 2 swipes during 3 plane rides, and a few mad dashes to the gate to board.  If you have any questions about my switch to Primally Pure, please email me at [email protected]  I’m happy to share more to help you make the best decisions about your switch too.