Check Out My New Home Office

It’s been about 2 months but I’ve finally completed my new home office.  Remember way back when … when I literally just had a room.  No furniture.  No desk.  No lamp.  No file cabinet.  Just some boxes and a bunch of books and papers that were in complete disarray.  What?  A cardboard box isn’t a file cabinet?

She's On Her Toes

Well … not anymore!  Check it all out!

As you’ll recall, I made a trip to IKEA and purchased my desk ($49.99), rug ($139), and desk lamp ($19.99).  I voyaged out one more time to purchase a Vittsjo double shelf ($79.99) and pulled off a pretty spectacular IKEA hack.  After spray painting the shelf the same color as the desk legs, I added some drawer pulls (also purchased at IKEA) to the top, making the shelf look well … like it hadn’t been purchased at IKEA.  In fact, one of my friends thought it came from a pricey local furniture store.  Nope!

She's On Her Toes Home Office 5

Here’s a detail on the top …

She's On Her Toes Home Office 4

But saving money on some things allowed me to spend more on others.  I bought this cool boho chair from a local designer’s showroom—I begged her to sell it to me after spying it in her window while waiting to pick up a pizza—true story.

She's On Her Toes Bulldog Approved

Bulldog approved!

This lamp was purchased locally.

She's On Her Toes Home Office 7

And these vintage file cabinets were literally dug out from under layers and layers of furniture at a shop near my house.

She's On Her Toes Home Office 1

I’m really excited to have such a great work space.  And … I have a lot to do in 2018!  Check out my new business idea One Life Foods Market here.

I hope everyone has a fabulous New Year’s.  Let’s make 2018 a year of action and a year of success!

Designing My Ideal Home Office: The Desk

The desk or workspace is arguably THE most important piece of furniture in your home office.  I mean, if you don’t have a good place to sit down and work, then what’s the point?  But the desk is a lot more than where you work, it’s a place where you’ll keep paperwork, office supplies, not to mention the focal point of the room.  So, it seemed like picking out a desk was the place to start when designing my ideal home office …

She's On Her Toes Office Design

Bulldog approved!

I had seen a lot of posts and articles about IKEA hacks, proclaiming simple ways to make the inexpensive more unique and chic.  Since I have some rather pricey selections on my office inspiration board (click here to see my Olioboard inspiration board), like the console, shelf, and upholstered chair and ottoman, it seemed like a good idea to try and save some money on my desk, lamp and rug.  So, I headed out to IKEA to try my luck at saving.

And save I did!  I was able to buy the desk for … $49.99!  That’s $19.99 for the white Linnmon tabletop and then $30.00 for 2 Lerberg trestle legs.  The legs are grey, which actually looked great with the rug I found, but I wanted a chic look of shiny brass.  So, I went to the hardware store and bought some metallic spray paint.  The spray paint and drop cloth were about $15.00.  So, for about $65.00, I’ve got a pretty amazing looking desk.  What do you think?

She's On Her Toes Desk

I also found this Forsa work lamp for $19.99 and the light bulb (sold separately) for $4.99.

She's On Her Toes IKEA Desk Lamp

I was able to purchase this wool rug (IKEA PS 2014, 4 ‘ 2” x 5’ 11’) for $139.  Compared to the desk and the lamp, this was a splurge, but I love the design and the colors.  Even though I don’t have any other pieces of furniture in the room yet, it would be really easy to coordinate grey, beige, pink or teal to match back to this rug.

She's On Her Toes Office IKEA rug

I’m pretty excited about my choices so far.  Now I just have to find a good office chair.  The choices at IKEA, were a little uninspiring.  I’ll let you know next week what I decide!