Podcast Episode 13: The Power of Saying “No”

So, how’s it going? How are you?

I’m so busy!  I’ve been so busy, it’s just insane.

And so starts the beginning of just about every conversation in today’s modern age.  And … it’s so f-ing boring, sometimes I can’t even stand it.

Why are we sooo busy? Are we actually doing more … or are we overscheduled and overworked with the wrong things, ensuring we don’t have any time to get anything important done?

I’m going to go out on a limb and say most of this being busy is more about doing the wrong things than prioritizing what’s most important.  And frankly, that’s sad.

When was the last time you said “No” to someone?  Why is saying “No” so hard?

The big problem with refusing to say “No” to things you don’t have time for, or don’t want to do, is that they take a huge toll on the remaining time you have for the things you need … and like to do.  The lesson here is the more you say “No,” the more you can say “Yes.”

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Podcast Episode 11: How to Manage Millennials When You’re Old AF

Millennials, or the generation born between 1981 and 1996, will make up about 75% of the workforce in 2025.  That’s just 7 years away.  And we’ve all heard some pretty negative criticism about this group—they’re unfocused; entitled; demanding; and addicted to technology.

Are these stereotypes?  Maybe. Maybe not.

It doesn’t really matter because these are the people who will be moving businesses forward.

The single thing that separates Millennials from previous generations is technology.  So, while my generation was outside playing with sticks, millennials had these crazy things called smart phones that gave them unfettered access to the Internet.

When you’re old AF, how are you supposed to lead this group of so-called millennial workplace misfits? How can you manage millennials to successfully run your business and ultimately find their own success?

And the most important question on everyone’s mind … Why can’t millennials empty the vacuum cleaner?!  We talk about it all on the latest podcast.

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Have you checked out my course, How to Hire A Rock Star Team, yet?


Leave fear, frustration, and your past hiring mistakes behind to transform your business.    How to Hire a Rock Star Team, is for anyone serious about building a solid team of amazing employees to run your fitness business for you.  It’s the same process I’ve used to build my team of 20 … that’s them in the picture!

Podcast Episode 8: How to Hire A Rock Star Team, Part 2

We talked so long last week about how to hire a great team, that we split the discussion into two parts.  Join us for the second half of our discussion on how to hire the right team of employees for your business …

If you’ve already read the book, She’s On Her Toes, you’ll remember the definition of a fitness business, but let’s just refresh:

“A fitness business is a commercial, profitable enterprise that can be run without you so you can be a role model in the health and fitness community you are creating.”

To get your business to run without you, you’ll have to be a true leader and create the vision, mission and culture for your employees to follow.

Taking the time to write your business Vision, Mission and Culture statements is the most valuable process you can complete when it comes to building a team because it establishes clear parameters for who you want to hire. If a candidate you interview doesn’t agree with any part of your Vision, Mission and Culture statements, then they aren’t a good fit for your business.

It’s great to talk about why it’s important to hire a great team … but … how do you actually go about hiring these amazing individuals?

Did you know I have an online course, How to Hire A Rock Star Team?  Yep!  I do!

The course is a comprehensive, step-by-step plan to create your own hiring process.  There are 15 lessons complete with videos, audio lessons, and worksheets.  This is the exact same process that I went through to create my own hiring process, so I know it works.  It’s the exact same process that I use today when I’m looking to interview or add a new member to my team.

In the course, you’ll learn how to create an environment that attracts only the RIGHT employees to work in your business.  You’ll also create a complete hiring process including how to:

  • Write an exciting job description
  • Post a killer advertisement
  • Conduct the perfect interview
  • Ask the right interview questions

I talk non-stop about how hiring the best team is literally THE MOST IMPORTANT THING you can do for your business.  It is!

In fitness (and most membership-based businesses), you can’t promote yourself to a successful business.  Meaning, even if you had the most awesome deal or promotion, it will be a total flop, if you don’t have the right team to sell and deliver an incredible experience to your prospective clients.

It’s all about the experience!  Who offers the best experience?  The best employees!  That’s right, people provide the best experience.  Not promotions!

And how are you, the over-worked and over-whelmed small business owner supposed to do it all?!  You can’t. This is why it’s so important to hire the right team to help you out.

While the course is designed for fitness studio owners, the same principles apply to any small business owner and even some large business owners.

Be sure to check out the amazing bonus materials … they might just be better than the course itself!  And … I also have a list of THE BEST interview questions to ask to hire the right employee.  There are some questions that I use specifically to hire for my fitness studios.

Click here to purchase:  How to Hire a Rock Star Team

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Podcast: Episode 6, When Are You Done in Business?

When are you done in business?  There seems to be an unsubstantiated rumor out there that there is some finish point when you’re building and working on your business.

In a lot of things, there is a beginning and an obvious finish.  But, business is a little different … the finish line isn’t always obvious, or within reach.

She's On Her Toes

When you’re building your business, you’re always tweaking things, making adjustments.  You don’t just start, open the instruction manual, follow the directions, and get to the finish line.  There’s always something new to be done.  There’s always a change to be made.  The finish line is always moving out ahead of you.

In the She’s On Her Toes Podcast, Episode 6, Emily, Christina and I talk about when you’re done in business.  Meaning, we ask and answer the following questions:

  1. How do you know when something isn’t working and move onto something that does work?
  2. How do we accept change in business?

And we talk about the idea of pivoting.  Because sometimes you have a great idea, but it’s just not working the way you wanted.  So … you pivot, or turn on your heel, and move in a different direction.  We talk about some case studies including how we approach clothing sales and client retention–actual problems we faced in the business and how we adapted and changed course to correct the problem.


If you haven’t already purchased the book, Never Lose a Customer Again: Turn Any Sale into Lifelong Loyalty in 100 Days, by Joey Coleman, buy it now.  It took me 2 days to read because the book had valuable, actionable information on how to improve your client retention.

She's On Her Toes Never Lose A Customer

Never Lose A Customer Again: Turn Any Sale into Lifelong Loyalty in 100 Days ($20.80): One of the questions this book poses is “How big would your company be if you still did business with every customer you ever worked with in the past?”  Holy sh$t.  Um yeah.  Customer retention is the single most important thing your business needs to focus on, yet we often spend the majority of our time and money on client acquisition instead.  Author, Joey Coleman discusses how you have 100 days to keep a customer for life and the 8 phases of this timeline.  The book walks you through all 8 phases and shows you how to implement them in your own business.  Pure gold.

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Podcast: Episode 5, Do You Root for Others to Fail?

The concept of one’s own success resulting due to the failure of others is very real. In a time when there have never been more opportunities for women, and small business owners, people in general, why do we continue to have a scarcity mindset? Why is living with abundance so hard?

In Episode 5, we talk about living with abundance and why that can be challenging in our ultra-competitive world.

Living with abundance means that opportunities are unlimited. If someone gets more, that doesn’t necessarily mean someone else gets less. When you live with an abundance mentality, you have a strong personal worth. You feel secure. You are open to all possibilities. You’re creative and fulfilled. Sounds awesome, right?

So, why is it easier for us to root for others to fail, rather than champion their success? Have we really reached a point where our world is so cut-throat that we only recognize our own success when others fail?

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To All the Men Responsible for My #MeToo Stories … Thank You

I’ve struggled about whether to write about this topic.  Not because it doesn’t deserve attention or that women shouldn’t be victimized in the workplace, but because I’m not particularly angry or sad about any of the ridiculous things men have said or done to me at work.  In fact, I say … thank you.


A friend of mine from college, who has a storied career working in corporate America, asked me what I thought when #metoo became a “thing.”  And I said, “Be your own boss!  Work for yourself.  Problem, solved.”  I stand by that.

Before opened my business, I guess you could say I worked in a perfect storm of male-dominated industries: politics, car sales, and investment banking.  One might say, every day at the office was a #metoo day.  Of course, I’ve made lasting friendships and shared great times with most of my co-workers, male and female alike.  But like many women, I have some truly epic #metoo stories …

Like the time a well-known, respected political consultant took me out and told me he wanted to buy me a condo so I could be his mistress.  Uh … tempting, but no.

Or the time political bloggers wrote posts that went viral about how I was sleeping with a reporter from a major newspaper.  These bloggers contended that I was doing this to get my boss, a Congressman, better coverage during a critical re-election campaign.  They couldn’t fathom that I just might actually be good at my job.  What?!  While I was flattered that these individuals were so interested in my personal life, none of it was true.  As an aside, you can probably still pull these up on Google.  You definitely could when I was applying to business school and my subsequent job, so that made for interesting interview conversations …

And then this is a classic, resisting daily advances from a co-worker both at work and out of the office.  This gem of a human made threats against my job and on several occasions, called me at midnight to tell me he hadn’t finished his own work and that if I didn’t go in to complete it, I would be fired.  After six months of that bullsh*t, I left to take another job.

These are just the 3 #metoo stories that immediately come to mind.

So, to all of you … Thank you for doubting my intelligence.  Calling me stupid.  Devaluing my contribution.  Reducing me to a piece of meat wearing heels.  Thank you for showing me what not to do as I build my own company and ultimately create a higher net worth than you.

Because that’s what these #metoo stories are all about, right?  Power.  Powerful individuals preying on perceived weaker subordinates.  Today, most power is fueled by money and generating wealth.  And the fastest way to create wealth is through business ownership or investment in real estate.  Let’s solve this problem by giving woman more opportunities to be powerful.

The way to prevent more #metoo stories is not to have everyone go to some bullsh*t sexual harassment training or for offices to become more tolerant.  The only way to correct this problem is for women to become their own boss!

Here’s your dose of reality for the day: you cannot change other people or their behavior, but you can change the way you react to them.

Tired of being treated second-class?  Or worse?!  Get out of there!  Start your own gig.  Be in charge of yourself.  And then give back to provide a better place to work for others.  Creating your own work environment is the only way you’ll have the power to prevent future #metoo stories.

There has never been a better time for a woman to own and operate her own business, and I am proud to be one of the many.  To all the men responsible for my #metoo stories … thank you … and f*ck off!

When Opportunity Knocks, Answer the Damn Door!

“In every area of effectiveness within an organization, one feeds the opportunities and starves the problems.

– Peter F. Drucker, The Effective Executive: The Definitive Guide to Getting the Right Things Done

Earlier this year, my business coach, Mary Ann, asked me “What is your one word to describe your business this year?”  Without hesitation, I replied, “Opportunity.”

At the time, I was thinking about how my managers, Emily and Christina, were settling into their new roles of actually managing.  And I was just beginning to enjoy my time focusing on business strategy and how we were going to grow.

We had a lot of big, amazing ideas of what we wanted to accomplish, and somehow they were all coming together!  In fact, it seemed like opportunities were just popping up everywhere!

One of our most successful ways of meeting new clients is through free community classes—we call them Pure Barre Pop Ups.  And there was one place that we considered the holy grail of Pop Ups—the Winston-Salem Dash Stadium.  The Dash are the local minor league baseball team and the stadium is downtown with gorgeous views of the city.  And … we just happened to meet the Dash Community Relations Manager at a luncheon.  Now we’re scheduled for not 1, but 2 Pure Barre at The Dash Pop Ups!  Mark your calendars for Thursday, May 3rd and Thursday, June 14th to lift, tone, burn on that beautiful green field.

Last week, I unexpectedly received a request to teach a class to my Leadership Winston-Salem group during our monthly program day.  This was a fun opportunity to show 70 of my Leadership classmates what I do and what Pure Barre is all about.  When I say “unexpectedly” I mean, I got the call at 6:00 AM before our program day started at 7:45 AM—fortunately, our equipment was easily accessible and my team was able to mobilize.  We pulled it off!

But do opportunities really just materialize out of nowhere?  Business owners talk about “luck” a lot, but what distinguishes “luck” from hard work and good leadership?

I’ve been reading a book called The Effective Executive: The Definitive Guide to Getting the Right Things Done, written by Peter F. Drucker.  It was first published in 1967, so it’s a little old-school, however, the message is on point.  Including the following quote:

 “The effective executive looks upon people including himself as an opportunity.  He knows that only strength produces results.  Weakness only produces headaches—and the absence of weakness produces nothing.” 

I completely agree—results occur by recognizing the strengths of your employees and helping them develop what they’re good at.  Results are also produced by your strength in leadership.  Weak leadership only creates confusion and more problems in your business.  And the absence of leadership means you’re not producing anything—your business is at a standstill—you’re stuck.

But the first part is truly the most profound … “The effective executive looks upon people including himself as an opportunity.” 

As business owners, we ultimately create all the opportunities for our businesses.

We network, develop relationships, cultivate a reputation of being dependable, committed, and professional … the list goes on.  So, while it seems like things just fall into your lap, you’ve really been creating those opportunities all along.

When opportunity knocks, you’re the one who sent out the invitation.  Trust that you’re a strong enough leader to open the damn door!


Check out the book …

Peter F. Drucker, The Effective Executive: The Definitive Guide to Getting the Right Things Done



Networking Is So Lame: How to Make Connections That Don’t Waste Your Time and Actually Benefit Your Business

Networking.  Why does it always seem so lame?  A bunch of people in a room trying to connect and figure out if they can help each other out.  Receptions offer limited time, so your goal is to determine fairly quickly if talking to someone is worth your time or if you need to move onto the next person.  And then sometimes you get stuck in those dreaded conversations with people you don’t really want to talk to, but just can’t seem to find a polite way to get away from.  Um … I think I’ll go get another drink.  Great, I’ll join you … Ah, perfect!  Damn!  Foiled again.

It’s kind of like freshman year for adults—everyone’s a little awkward, except for that one guy who is totally running for Rush Chair of his fraternity (Eric Stratton, Rush Chairman, damn glad to meet you). 

And if you’re not careful you can pack on 15 lbs. from eating all that bad reception food and drink.  So fun!

Unfortunately, networking and creating relationships are what business is all about.  So, networking isn’t something you can skip out on.  Building true business relationships isn’t done in 30 seconds while standing around with a drink in your hand.  There’s got to be another way!

I’ve found 3 ways that turn networking on its head.  If you’ve reached the point of never wanting to attend another reception again, keep reading …

Be the Main Attraction

Being the main attraction means the following:

Speaking to a group

Teaching a course, seminar or class

Participating in a panel discussion

Basically, doing anything where you are considered an expert and people are attending the event to see you.  Being the main attraction is my #1 way to effectively network—because it works!

As a fitness studio owner, there are many ways we can create opportunities to become the main attraction at an event.  I recently spoke to The Professional Women of Winston-Salem, where I talked about the importance of building a great team to help you run your business and discussed several reasons why we, as business owners, don’t act quickly to hire employees—I call it the Employee Risk Myth.  Check out @shesonhertoes on Instagram for a video clip.

This was a great opportunity because everyone attending the event was interested in hearing what I had to say.  I had a captive audience interested in my business and the message I was delivering.  To turn this into an opportunity to attract more clients to my business my manager, Emily, and I did the following:

We got everyone’s contact information:  By holding a drawing for 1 free month of Pure Barre classes, we were able to collect about 40 names, emails, and phone numbers that we can follow up with in the next few weeks.  It’s January!  If you’re wanting to workout, this is a great month to start, so our odds of getting these women in the studio to give Pure Barre a try are pretty good.

We told everyone what our goal was:  In my speech, I worked in some great language telling everyone that our goal was to get them all signed up for their first class before leaving.  And we didn’t quite get all of them, but we signed up about 10 women with about another 10 wanting to look at the schedule on their own time.  Wow!  Half the group was eager to convert.  And … we made a contact to schedule another event where Pure Barre will be the main attraction.  Did I mention, we can still contact all the others in attendance, because we got their information?  #winning

Here we are … waiting for everyone to rush the table and start the year off committed to fitness!

She's On Her Toes Networking

When you’re the main attraction, you get to run the show.  You can easily introduce yourself to everyone—they are all there to meet you.  You can get contact information to thank them for attending and invite them to try out your business.  And you can explain why you’re there in the first place, what your goal is—and it’s amazing, people will help you reach that goal.

Join a Mastermind Group

A mastermind group can take many forms.  Some are paid, some are free.  But they all seek to provide members with a way to meet, share ideas, and learn from each other in business.  The concept of a mastermind group was created by Napoleon Hill in his book, Think and Grow Rich, which is a She’s On Her Toes must read, as well as the more modern Think and Grow Rich for Women.  Check them out below:

Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill ($11.41):  While you might be tempted to skip this book and just read the newer, modern, more woman-focused Think and Grow Rich for Women, you’d really miss out.  This is a classic business book that almost every successful business mind has read.  I think it really emphasizes the point that the fundamentals are long-lasting and always the first place to start when looking to build or grow any business—whether it was back in 1937 or at the present in 2018.

 Think and Grow Rich for Women, Sharon Letchter ($14.17):  I really enjoyed hearing Sharon Lechter speak and her book was just as insightful.  When Napoleon Hill wrote Think and Grow Rich in 1937, he included 13 Steps to Success—but at that time all the major business minds and heads of companies were men.  Sharon goes through each of the 13 Steps and applies them to the lives of modern women.  I love her concept of living “one big life” instead of trying to find the elusive “work-life balance” that never quite seems attainable.  A must-read!

But back to masterminds and how they can help you network … joining a group of like-minded business professionals can really help you out in your own business.  One of the reasons traditional networking (think wearing a name tag at a reception) just doesn’t work for everyone is that not everyone in attendance is of the same like-mind as you.

In order to get the most out of attending events and interacting with people, they all have to be on the same page as you.  That’s why masterminds can be so effective—everyone in attendance is usually there to help each other, make connections, and simply get help solving business problems.  The whole “two heads are better than one” and “sometimes you need to step back from the problem” philosophies at their best.

Take Matters into Your Own Hands

In this world of trying to amass the most followers and likes, it’s easy to dismiss the value of a single relationship.  In networking, quantity means nothing.  It’s the quality of your business relationships that matter.  Instead of relying on receptions and networking events hosted by others, take matters into your own hands and simply invite the person or people you want to meet to meet with you.  What?!  Actually, reaching out to someone and inviting them to meet you?!  It’s so crazy, it just might work.

Since everyone’s time is valuable, it’s important to explain why meeting with you would help the other person.  You’ll have to do a little research …

What is their business mission?

Do they support any charities?

Do you both have similar interests?

Figuring out how you can add value to what they’re doing can generally help you secure a meeting.  Who knows, maybe this person has been wanting to get together with you too?!

If you’ve found networking lame and a huge waste of time in the past, it’s time to look at other ways to make quality business connections.  Attending events where you and your business are the main attraction, joining a mastermind group, and then simply working to cultivate quality relationships one meeting at a time can help you build a better network that will help support your business.  Think beyond lame receptions and evaluate attending events where you know you’ll meet other like-minded business owners and quality leads.

When You Buy $25 Leggings, I Can See Your Underwear: A Public Service Announcement and a Lesson in Getting What You Pay For

Every business owner faces their own unique challenges.  And as the owner of 2 boutique fitness studios, I’m no different.  But lately, I’ve been confronted with a challenge so unique that I can’t keep quiet about it anymore.  It’s time to shed some light on a subject that really should be kept in the dark—really dark, like pitch black, can’t see anything dark.  Like, why do you think we turn the lights off in that part of class dark?!

Folks, it’s time to let you in on the cold, hard, sometimes drafty truth.  And perhaps it’s something you’d rather not come face-to-face with.  But unfortunately, as the owner of a fitness studio, I’m confronted by this problem (some might call it an epidemic) every day while teaching your class.  Something very serious is happening in gyms, boutique fitness studios, car pool lanes, and the very streets and parks where our children play … millions of women are wearing leggings and due to their poor quality, they are inadvertently exposing themselves to, uh, well … everyone.

She's On Her Toes PSA See Thru Seat

The sad fact is, if you buy cheap $25 leggings, I can see your underwear.  Sorry, but I can.  And I’m not talking about panty lines—don’t get me started on that one.  I mean, whatever you’ve got on, I know all about it.  Just this year alone, I’ve seen polka dots, stripes, and flowers.  I’ve seen teeny tiny thongs, full-coverage briefs, and every cheeky style in between.

And … if you’re not wearing any underwear, well, I’ve seen that too.

To the woman who wore control top panty hose during class, don’t kid yourself, while we pretended not to notice, we knew those weren’t leggings.  And yes, we saw your underwear too.  Frankly, thank goodness you were wearing some!

What can be done to protect the innocent from seeing your see-thru seat?

Remember, that price is a direct reflection of quality.  In the fitness world, quality leggings are made with performance fabrics, which are more expensive, but have you covered—if you know what I mean.  What is a performance fabric?  Fabric that is created or engineered for various types of use where the blending of the fibers creates an added or enhanced benefit.  You know, like increased durability, UV protection, moisture-wicking, protection from mosquitoes and ticks, not to mention wrinkle or fire resistance.  Performance fabrics can even have anti-microbial properties as the result of weaving together fine silver threads with the other fibers to prevent odor and bacteria from growing on your clothes.  For real that happens.  Bacteria grows out of the sweat from your clothes, you can thank the military for that type of added protection and performance!

When you’re looking to make a leggings purchase, take note of the fabric.  Does it seem strong and durable?  Or can you already see that the leggings will be see-thru if you put your hand against the back of the fabric?  If you bend over, sit down, or move around does the fabric give or stretch with your body?  Or does it sag?  Be diligent before completing a new activewear purchase.  Look at all the angles.  It’s all about fabric, fit, and function.  Is the fabric of high quality?  Does the style fit your body properly?  And finally, does the legging support the function or activity you will be wearing it for?

The lifetime of a legging should be measured in years, people—not 2 washes or, gasp—1 wearing!  Which brings up another point—caring for your performance fabrics is crucial to their continued use of keeping your backside covered.  Harsh detergents can break down fabric.  And the dryer is your leggings worst nightmare.  Please line dry.

Customer service matters.  Small studios, like mine, are stocked with high-quality performance leggings designed to move with your body and keep your personal, private areas just that—unseen by public eyes.  We know how each legging fits, because we own them, wear them, and teach in them.  So, if it seems like we’re over-eager to sell you a high-quality pair of our leggings, please remember that we have a stake in preventing the epidemic of see-thru seat from spreading.  Ahem.

In summation, Women of America, just because you’ve turned your back to a problem, doesn’t mean it will go away.  It’s time to stop the madness.  It’s time to remember that you really do get what you pay for.  So, while you saved some money buying those cheap $25 leggings with one click online, you lost a bit of your dignity wearing them.  That is a high price to pay.

My Latest Business Mistake

Well … I did it again.  Last year, I told you about how one hiring mistake almost cost me my business (Read about it here).  And now, I find myself trying to fix another pretty big business mistake.  Not quite of the same magnitude as I’ve dealt with before, but moving in that direction.  F*ck.

And just like last year, there’s no one to blame but me.  Double f*ck.

What’s this big mistake?  A little background first …

As you’ll recall, for the last 12-ish months I’ve been working on giving my team more responsibility so that I can spend less time working in my business every day.  My team is focusing on the day-to-day tasks while I am working on more big picture things—like how to make more money, how to innovate, and how to add more value to our clients.  I’m working on some pretty big things for She’s On Her Toes—this website is getting some professional help and I’m creating some great courses on how to hire the right employees—so stay tuned for that!  I also have time to participate in Leadership Winston-Salem (Learn more here).  It’s been great for me, more time to do the things that are important to me.  And … I thought we were making great progress with my team.  Until it all came to a screeching halt.  Cue the dramatic screeching music!

My team is currently being led by my manager and my assistant manager.   They have been empowered to run both of my Pure Barre studios, take care of our clients, and ensure all of our employees are working to their ability and contributing to the success of the organization.  And they both do a great job.    But, I have failed them in a pretty big way—a way that limits their potential and our ability to keep growing this business.

I expected them to be able to take over and do all the things that I’ve been doing without teaching them how to anticipate and create a business plan.  Sure, they can perform daily tasks and get the basics done.  But, where they’re struggling is running reports, calculating retention, interpreting sales figures, and planning in advance.

They can easily provide great customer service.  However, they are blissfully unaware of the importance of managing expenses, calculating margin, and analyzing trends (both the good trends and the bad trends).  As a result, we have not been meeting some of our goals and it’s really frustrating to watch.  I know my team is capable of being more than where we are right now.  When you see a group of people working hard, and just not getting it done, when they are completely capable of doing so, it’s just the worst.  And it’s all my fault.  I haven’t been a good leader to them.  I haven’t been helping them focus on what’s important and planning.  But that’s all about to change!

The solution … my managers are going to start having their own meetings with my business coach, Mary Ann (Read more about coaching here).  And they start next week!

This lapse in leadership hasn’t been good.  Am I going to beat myself up about it?  No.  I truly think the sign of an effective leader is the ability to realize when things aren’t working, have the courage to change them, and don’t look back.