My New Beauty Source: Trader Joe’s

It all started one day when I was in a hurry.  I needed to do my grocery shopping and buy some lotion … and I didn’t have time to go to both the grocery store and Target (which is on the other side of town).  So, I wandered down the beauty and home aisle of Trader Joe’s hoping to find something that would soothe my dry skin for at least a few days before I could get my usual brand.  And I came across Trader Joe’s A Midsummer Night’s Cream and Ultra Moisturizing Hand Cream.

A Midsummer Night’s Cream

Ultra Moisturizing Hand Cream

And … I haven’t gone back to the brand I was using before.

It made me wonder what other great bath and beauty products I was missing out on at Trader Joe’s.  Next, I tried the brand-new Grapefruit Ginger Sugar Scrub, which is amazing!  It smells fresh and makes your skin feel great when you scrub.

She's On Her Toes Trader Joe's Shower Scrub

Grapefruit Ginger Sugar Scrub

Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-1 Hemp Peppermint Pure-Castile Soap

I’ve used Dr. Bronner’s soaps before, and thought I’d try the peppermint one.  Invigorating!  And good suds at a great price—that huge bottle was about $12.00.

I was on a roll!  So, my next purchase was the Next to Godliness Micellar Cleanser & Makeup Remover Towelettes and Natural Facial Cleansing Pads with Tea Tree Oil.

She's On Her Toes Trader Joe's Face

Next to Godliness Micellar Cleanser & Makeup Remover Towelettes

Natural Facial Cleansing Pads with Tea Tree Oil

I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on this!  The makeup remover towelettes are amazing—they are great for my drier winter skin, work better than the brand I was using before, smell amazing, and my skin feels clean after I use them, not slimy.  I was a little worried about trying out the cleansing pads with tea tree oil since my skin is also pretty sensitive.  But … my fears were completely unfounded.  In fact, I’ve noticed that the pores on my cheeks and nose are smaller and clearer.  #winning

Finally, try this fancy trick … hang some eucalyptus branches in your shower for a fresh scent in the steam.  Since one bunch is about $3.00 at Trader Joe’s, it’s an inexpensive way to make your average shower feel spa-quality.

She's On Her Toes Shower Scents

I no longer skip the home and beauty aisle at Trader Joe’s.  If you give any of these products a try, let me know how you like them.

Are You Properly Hydrated? Are You Sure?

While Thanksgiving may be over, you’re probably still feeling the effects of that epic meal.  Am I right?  That sluggish, bloated feeling doesn’t just go away on its own.  Time to detox and refocus on health, especially if you’re a business owner—you can’t suffer from brain fog during the last few weeks of the year!

Did you know that staying hydrated is THE most important way that you can keep your brain clear, maintain your appropriate body weight, and stay healthy to fight disease?  That’s right, all you have to do is drink water and you’ll be back on track to feeling energized and break that cycle of over-eating.  It’s true, if you feel hungry, a lot of times, that’s a signal that you’re actually dehydrated.  If you’re thirsty, that’s a signal of dehydration too.

There seems to be a lot of confusion about how much water we should drink each day and it seems the answer is: it depends.  Most health experts recommend drinking the water equivalent of half of your body weight in ounces.  But you might need more if you exercise.  And you also want to balance your water consumption with electrolytes from fruits, vegetables, and sodium and potassium from natural sea salt.  Check out this video about how to stay properly hydrated.  And check with your doctor if you have any questions about your individual health.

Drinking plenty of water is at the top of my Thanksgiving detox list as well as getting back into the studio for my 4 classes each week.  OMG—that first class after Thanksgiving was brutal!  While drinking filtered water is best, sometimes it can be a little bland.  Here are my favorite flavored waters to break up that plain water boredom …

La Croix Lime Flavored Sparkling Water:  This is my go-to if I need a little zip.  La Croix is Whole30 approved with all natural flavors, no sugar, and tastes great.  This brings up a great point—folks, check your labels!  If your flavored water contains added sugars or anything that you can’t pronounce or isn’t found in nature, it’s time to switch to a better choice.  Unhealthy foods and drinks are sold at health food stores, so it’s up to you to read the label and put the best, most natural ingredients into your body.

Back to the water … lime flavor pairs well with just about everything, if you’re drinking at mealtime.  There are several other flavors of La Croix, but I’ve found them to be a little weird tasting—like they don’t taste like the fruit they claim to be flavored with.  I’ll stick with lime.

Spindrift Cucumber Sparkling Water: This is my new fave!  This water is made with real, squeezed fruit, so it actually tastes good and not fake.  Cucumber is so refreshing!  I drink this anytime I’ve overeaten—like after Thanksgiving.  Because this water is made with real cucumber juice, it does have 2 calories … but I’m pretty sure I can burn those off at the studio.

She's On Her Toes Spindrift

Trader Joe’s Organic Lemongrass Spearmint Herbal Flavored Water: I love this zesty, minty flavor.  Another great choice to cleanse your palette after a big, heavy, salty meal.

She's On Her Toes TJ's flavored water

Trader Joe’s Organic Lemon Ginger Herbal Flavored Water: I love ginger and this drink doesn’t disappoint.  I like to drink this after dinner as a dessert substitute.  If I’m still craving something sweet, after I drink this, then I have to give in.  But it usually does the trick.

So, there you have it, 4 great alternatives to plain, filtered water.  Let me know which one is your fave!